Current Issue Contents - November 2019

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Appalachian natural gas production continues to break records. The Marcellus/Utica Activity reports detail how innovative strategies, technologies and operating practices are enabling independent producers to achieve cost efficiencies while increasing productivity and boosting recovery rates. Elsewhere in this month’s AOGR, a new method of geosteering that could lighten workloads while increasing accuracy is highlighted in the Cybersteering reports. In Field Gas to Power, a special question-and-answer looks at the technology and economic advantages of on-site distributed generation from the perspective of a turbine manufacturer and an independent producer. Association news includes coverage of NMOGA and NDPC annual conventions. Cover photo courtesy of Southwestern Energy Company. Issue photography courtesy of Devon Energy Corporation and U.S. Well Services LLC.


COVER STORY: Operators produced 6.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas from unconventional formations in Pennsylvania last year–the most ever in a single year. It was the latest in a series of annual stair-step increases that have seen gas production from stacked shale pays in Pennsylvania as well as Ohio and West Virginia achieve one record-setting year after another over the past decade. Appalachian Basin independents are leveraging innovative strategies, technologies and operating practices to realize cost efficiencies, improve well productivities, boost recovery rates, add reserves and minimize the environmental footprint of Marcellus, Utica and Upper Devonian reservoir development. | by Danny Boyd

  • Perforating Approach Optimizes Proppant Distribution | by Matt Fry and Adam Altieri


  • New Technology Automates Geosteering | by Tristan Arbus and Steven Wilson


  • Operational Trends Drive Distributed Power Adoption | Q&A with Stefan Zavatone and Clayton L. Miller