Current Issue Contents - March 2020

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Associated natural gas from America’s abundant multiphase production is at an all-time high, while the continued build-out of infrastructure includes more gas treating and processing plants. At a growing number of well sites, as well as midstream facilities, the industry is embracing the proactive practice of transforming natural gas into electricity and even liquefied natural gas for field power needs. March special reports open with Unconventional Resource Science, Part 3, which reveals how introducing microproppants into formations’ narrow stimulated fracture systems keeps them propped to optimize productivity, expand reserves recovery and flatten decline curves. Then, the Permian Basin Activity update examines what producers are doing in the country’s busiest producing province and how they continue to experiment with key aspects such as well spacing and water management. Association news includes Official Convention Sections for TIPRO and PIOGA, and coverage of IOGAWV’s winter meeting. Cover photo by Aggreko. Issue photography courtesy of Sabalo Energy LLC.


COVER STORY: From North Dakota to West Texas, growth in associated natural gas output has outpaced the increase in oil production in the very basins that have been the epicenters of the tight oil revolution. What to do with associated gas? Producers now have a viable new option: “gas-to-wire” remote generation technology to power on-site production and processing equipment independent of an electric utility grid. This strategy gives operators a highly beneficial outlet for stranded or low-value associated gas without requiring long-term pipeline capacity commitments. It also eliminates the cost of running utility service to remote production sites, and provides a reliable supply to power the ever-larger, higher-voltage equipment on today’s pad sites. | by Mike Mayers and Josh Haugan.

  • Modular Units Convert Dry Gas to LNG | by Mark Casaday


  • Ceramic Microproppant Yields Production Uplifts, Flattened Decline Curves | by Carl T. Montgomery, Michael B. Smith and William E. “Bill” Strobel
  • Advanced Diverters Speed Operations | by Colter Cookson


  • Operators Focused on Wolfcamp Play in Midland, Delaware Basins | by Al Pickett
  • Water Management Crucial in Permian | by Al Pickett