Current Issue Contents - May 2019

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Greater volumes of multiphase production prompt a corresponding need for sufficient compression and processing. The Gas Compression & Vapor Recovery reports show the industry’s compression sector is attracting the same creativity, determination and focus that has produced those staggering gas yields. May’s special reports open with a Capital Market Update, with a trio of oil and gas financial experts taking stock of the industry’s investment trends. Next, the Pad Production Optimization section examines how microseismic monitoring information and reservoir property data provide the basis for a physics-based reservoir model that illuminates stimulation issues and concerns. May also features the Mid-Continent Activity Update, which reveals the next phase of STACK and SCOOP activity now under way in Oklahoma and the largely conventional projects producing steady profit margins in Kansas. Association news includes Official Convention Sections for OIPA-OKOGA, CIPA and KOGA, and coverage of the PIOGA, Texas Alliance and LOGA conventions. Cover photo courtesy of CSI Compressco. Issue photography by Jim Blecha and courtesy of Encana Corporation.


COVER STORY: Thanks to prolific shale gas plays and associated gas production in tight oil plays, the U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that U.S. dry natural gas output will top a record 90 billion cubic feet a day this year, up 17 Bcf/d in only the past two years. At the same time, domestic gas consumption is hitting all-time highs, as are exports of liquefied natural gas and pipeline gas. At every step of the journey from the wellhead to the burner tip, all that gas must be compressed, spurring robust demand for natural gas compression equipment and services. The soaring production also is driving technological advancements in compressor design, high-performance natural gas engines and electronic controls. | by Danny Boyd

  • Best Practices Optimize VRU Performance, Economics | by Jeff Voorhis
  • FERC Eases Regulatory Hurdles on LNG Terminals


  • Capital Providers Offer Range of Financial Solutions | Special Q&A with Donald G. Burdick, Stuart Rexrode and Jeff Hall


  • Modeling Approach Sheds New Light on Frac Hits | by Arman Khodabakhshnejad


  • STACK, SCOOP Activity Shifting to Development Mode | by Al Pickett