Current Issue Contents - April 2019

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Even when offset horizontal wells share a common landing zone and have virtually identical completion designs, their performance can vary significantly. Innovative technology to capture geomechanical insights during drilling is giving producers powerful new capabilities to optimize the performance of every lateral. April’s special reports open with America: Energy Epicenter, which assesses the far-reaching implications of the United States’ rise as a dominant player in global crude oil, liquefied natural gas and natural gas liquids supplies. April also celebrates the golden anniversary of the Offshore Technology Conference, with the Independents’ Guide to OTC previewing the highlights of a technical program focused on the offshore industry’s next 50 years. In keeping, the Gulf of Mexico Update presents leading independent producers’ exploration and development plans for both Shelf and deepwater blocks–including those acquired at recent Gulf lease sales. Association news includes Official Convention Sections for KIOGA and TOGA, and coverage of the OOGA, IOGA and TIPRO conventions. Cover photo courtesy of Latshaw Drilling. Issue images courtesy of Latshaw Drilling; Baker Hughes, a GE company; and EnVen Energy Corporation.


COVER STORY: Optimizing horizontal well placement requires an operator to identify the most favorable target window with the best petrophysical properties as well as the right geomechanical properties to ensure the rock is conducive to hydraulic fracturing. Drill bit geomechanics provide a low-cost, low-risk means of acquiring in situ mechanical properties using drilling-induced vibrations. Integrating drill bit geomechanical data with log and core analysis in a “petromechanical” workflow gives operators significantly higher confidence in selecting target landing zones, and delivers key insights into optimizing hydraulic fracturing treatments for improved completions. | by Erik Petre, Ellen Scott, Alice Hildick and Carrie Glaser

  • Integrated Approach Characterizes Delaware Basin Plays | by Troy Tittlemier, John Speight, Charles Hager and Isaac Easow
  • Wellbore Ballooning Perceptions May Be Flawed | by Steve L. Richert
  • Downhole Data Drive Advances in Bit Designs | by Colter Cookson


  • Supply-Side Numbers Sustain Momentum in Resource Plays | by Tim Beims
  • U.S. February Oil Output Sets Record
  • United States Emerges as Energy Export Power
  • Saudi Oil Policies Remain Crucial in Global Market | by George Littell


  • OTC Schedule
  • 50 Years of Prowess Meets the Next Half Century of Offshore Potential


  • Independents Targeting Shelf, Deepwater Fields | by Danny Boyd
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Key to Tornado Project’s Success | by Ben Winkelman, Talmadge Wright, Javier Omar Borri and Segun Jebutu