Current Issue Contents - September 2020

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The Permian Basin is the standard against which other basins are measured. Even amid the market tumult of 2020, the venerable producing province in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico retains its status as one of the world’s most resilient and productive basins. September’s cover story looks at the dynamics and challenges of “getting back to work” in the Permian through the eyes of several prominent basin players with various backgrounds and unique perspectives. One of the next articles in the Permian Powerhouse section explains how expanding infrastructure and pandemic-related output declines have combined to ease price-defining constraints in takeaway capacity, for both crude and natural gas. Also this month, two opening September features focus on hydraulic fracturing. In the first, experts with their fingers on the pulse of U.S. fracturing activity highlight evidence pointing to a tenuous ongoing recovery in U.S. active frac spread counts. Then comes the insightful conclusion to the two-part series in which MDC Texas Energy shares lessons it has learned about completion design by applying real-time pressure monitoring to Delaware Basin wells. Association news includes Official Convention Sections for PBPA and NDPC. Cover photo by Jim Blecha, courtesy of Cimarex Energy. Issue photography courtesy of Liberty Oilfield Services.


COVER STORY: The Permian Basin is the essence of American energy. It is a story of hard work and free enterprise, gut feelings and calculated risks, ingenuity and science, and legendary characters and companies. More than anything, though, the 100-year-old story of the Permian is about perseverance. In four unforgettable years between 2016 and 2019, Permian oil and natural gas production both doubled, and condensate output grew more than threefold. But slammed first by an OPEC+ price war and then a global economic shutdown in response to COVID-19, the Permian, like every region, has been recalibrating and retooling to get a handle on challenging market dynamics. What comes next in Permian operations? How is the recovery expected to unfold across the Midland and Delaware basins and even the Central Basin Platform going forward? | Special Q&A with Tom Jorden, Richard Dealy, Trent Latshaw, Kelcy Warren, Stuart MacDonald, and Greg White

  • New Pipelines; Dropping Output Ease Constraints on Permian Takeaway Capacity | by Housley Carr
  • Best Practices Important For Water Facilities | by Gavin James, Mark S. Faucher, Mark F. Kidder and H. William “Bill” Hochheiser
  • Ubiquitous Metering Bolsters Bottom Lines | by Colter Cookson
  • New Technologies Improve Artificial Lift | by Danny Boyd


  • Active Frac Spread Counts Showing Tenuous Recovery | by Matt Johnson and Mark Rossano
  • Pressure Data Tracks Fracture Growth | by Larrez Green, Laine Valle, Qin Ji, Allie Garcia and Erica Coenen