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February 2020

Difficult business conditions require a carefully calculated response. Think fortitude, business intelligence and smart marketing. Fortunately, in the oil and gas business, downturns eventually self-correct. Domestic crude oil inventories dropped a net 17 million barrels in December alone. Meanwhile, both crude oil and LNG exports doubled between 2018 and 2019! As a result, a chorus of analysts are starting to sing a new refrain.
All agree on the solution: embrace technology and knowledge.


February 2020 AOGR


Crude Purchasing Strategies
AOGR examines the infrastructure build-out and evaluates where U.S. export volumes will go from here. Experts also evaluate the meaning of EIA’s projected 1.4 MMbbl/d increase in global demand against the backdrop of a potential easing of trade tensions. Closer to the wellhead, guest authors detail the new landscape in crude oil purchasing, and how automated and scalable crude oil systems can better measure and track fluids all along the custody transfer train–from tanks to trucks and pipelines.

Unconventional Resource Science
Understanding and mitigating the impact of parent/child well interference and improving EURs are the Holy Grail in resource plays. Courtesy of a true pioneer in evolving unconventional science, February shows how a new class of diagnostic technology can monitor pressure “pulses” to eliminate communication between the created fracture networks of nearby wellbores. Subject matter experts also look at the latest solutions for better managing well fracturing and produced water resources.

IOR/EOR Technology
Steady improvements in horizontal drilling and completion designs have increased overall recovery rates in resource plays, and much more is in store. AOGR contributors reveal how estimates of threefold EUR increases can be obtained with evolving IOR/EOR techniques. The February AOGR also presents technological concepts for implementing cost-effective enhanced recovery programs engineered specifically for tight oil, and look anew at the potential of well refracs.

GOM and Capital Strategies
Capital demands are front and center, and that is breeding innovative capital formation strategies and new alliances from onshore shale plays to deepwater projects. A case in point is Contango Oil & Gas Company raising $53 million through a private common stock placement with affiliates of T. Rowe Price Associates. Contango’s subsequent partnering with Juneau Oil & Gas underscores independents’ role in Gulf of Mexico and international offshore operations.


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