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August 2017

August 2017 AOGR

Does anyone know yet what the metrics of pad drilling truly mean? We know that one rig drilling a simple four-wellbore pad changes everything. What if there are eight wellbores with two laterals each? One rig on one location then is drilling and completing 16 sweet-spot laterals, with any number of frac stages!  

From the big-picture business environment to new operational strategies and the latest technology,
it’s all in the August issue of The American Oil & Gas Reporter.

Hydraulic Fracturing
The amount of proppant pumped this year in U.S. shale plays is on track to reach a record 125 billion-150 billion pounds. The August issue looks at the complex logistics involved in moving more than 1,000 truckloads of proppant to the average four-well pad, as well as the sophisticated water management initiatives that come with the unprecedented “frac intensity” levels. August also presents shale analytics and pattern recognition applications in the Marcellus, and viscosity-building frac fluids in a Permian Wolfcamp project.

Horizontal Well Construction
Combining multilateral technology with best-of-breed pad drilling has the potential to dramatically boost recovery rates in tight oil and gas shale plays. Part II of the summer series looks at wellbore planning considerations to ensure that multilaterals can be treated effectively with conventional multistage hydraulic fracturing systems. Authors also present the results of a Utica/Point Pleasant well spacing study focused on maximizing wellbore contact with the stimulated reservoir volume.

Natural Gas Markets Update
While the economic benefits of multiwell pad development are crystal clear, the scale of unconventional reservoir development, and the demands placed on midstream and custody transfer infrastructure require new operational paradigms. The August issue answers the call as automation and process control experts explain how artificial intelligence capabilities are being integrated seamlessly into SCADA systems to enhance management of wellhead automation, compression and processing operations.

Marcellus & Utica Activity
The Marcellus and Utica epitomize the new era of high-productivity, high-efficiency resource plays. The volume of new-well gas production added per active rig has more than doubled in both plays over the past few years, and continues to move higher. The August issue details the near-term strategic plans of top Marcellus/Utica players such as Range Resources, Cabot Oil & Gas, CONSOL Energy and Southwestern Energy, as well as their bigger-picture strategies to meet long-range demand growth.


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