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Industry Focus

September 2022 (page 1 of 6)

  • NexTier Acquires Provider Of Sand Storage, Logistics
  • Arbo, East Daley Partner To Track Pipeline Projects
  • Baker Hughes Buying Way To Replace ESPs Quicker
  • CNX To Power Drilling Rig With On-Site Natural Gas
  • TETRA Licenses Methods For Treating, Reusing Water

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September 2022 (page 2 of 6)

  • Aethon Hires Electric Fleet From BJ Energy Solutions
  • Tenaris Joins Association Of U.S. Steel Manufacturers
  • Audubon To Help LLOG Reuse Independence Hub
  • Chalk Mountain Services of Texas has been recognized by the Texas Trucking Association as the 2022 TXTA Truck Safety Contest Grand Champion.

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September 2022 (page 3 of 6)

  • NthDS To Digitize Well Logs For Oil Information Library
  • ProPetro Secures e-Fleets To Shrink Costs, Emissions
  • PBIOS Donates $282,000 To Support Scholarships
  • Western Texas College Opens Well Control Lab

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September 2022 (page 4 of 6)

  • TGS Closes Acquisition Of ION Geophysical Corp.

PEOPLE: Jeremy Jackson (Warrior Technologies LLC); Carlos Santamaria (Kuva Systems); Kelly Raper (Liberty Lift Solutions); Alana K. Knowles (Chevron Corp.); David A. Inchausti (Chevron Corp.); John Black (Crestwood Equity Partners LP); Josh Wannarka (Crestwood Equity Partners LP); Andrew Thorington (Crestwood Equity Partners LP)

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September 2022 (page 5 of 6)

PEOPLE: Stephanie Kromer (The Ohio Oil & Gas Association); Michael C. Pearl (USA Compression Partners LP); Brent Baumann (Lufkin); Doug Lawler (Continental Resources Inc.); Cole Ramsey (The American Petroleum Institute); Blake Sirgo (Coterra Energy Inc.); Gary Hlavinka (Coterra Energy Inc.); Adam Vela (Coterra Energy Inc.); Daniel Rojo (Opportune LLP); Corie Allemand (Infrastructure Networks, Inc.); Ian Macpherson (Noble Corp.)

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September 2022 (page 6 of 6)

PEOPLE: Christopher Fontenot (N2 Solutions); Erin Tullos, Jen Synder and Amber McCullagh (Validere)

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August 2022 (page 1 of 5)

  • ProFrac Adds To Network Of West Texas Sand Mines
  • Sensirion Debuts Product For Monitoring Emissions
  • SkyX Enhances Platform For Monitoring Pipelines
  • INNIO, Detechtion Partner On Compression Solutions

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August 2022 (page 2 of 5)

  • IPA Introduces Application For Benchmarking Projects
  • Coretrax Breaks Record For Expandable Tubulars
  • Cloudwick Named Expert In Amazon Web Services
  • Logan Industries International Corp. relates it has delivered a unique, space-saving coiled tubing (CT) reeler suite to OneSubsea.

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August 2022 (page 3 of 5)

  • New CORTEC Plug Catcher Guards Production Chokes
  • Cathedral Buys Altitude To Grow U.S. Business
  • Tenaris Purchases Maker Of Seamless Steel Pipe
  • Cudd Launches Platform To Speed Wellhead Audits
  • CWC Expands U.S. Fleet Of High-Spec Drilling Rigs

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August 2022 (page 4 of 5)

  • Evolution Well Services Completes 50,000 Stages
  • Enertia Software Partners With Private Independent
  • Schlumberger Awarded Subsea Boosting Project
  • Gas Machinery Conference To Share Broad Expertise

PEOPLE: Melissa Cougle (Ranger Energy Services Inc.)

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