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May 2018

The March drilling permit report from IHS Markit roared like a lion, finishing the first quarter with a mind-bending 62 percent year-over-year uptick from 2017, when U.S. drilling, completion and infrastructure expansions were already under way. The 1,000 state-of-the-art rigs running today are producing more vertical and horizontal wellbore footage for advanced completions and high IPs than at any time in history.

It makes the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s estimate that production will increase from January’s 10.2 million barrels a day to 10.6 MMbbl/d by year-end almost a given. Will $60 crude prices hold? The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development boosted demand growth estimates for developed nations to 3.9 percent this year. With international onshore and offshore activity remaining in a holding pattern, it’s all systems “growth” for U.S. crude oil, liquefied natural gas, and gas liquids exports!

Industry In Motion
U.S. crude oil and LNG exports are approaching 2 million barrels and 3 billion cubic feet a day. Within 18 months, EIA projects, export capacity of new liquefaction facilities coming onstream will reach 9.6 Bcf/d! Special reports look at the raw horsepower needed to move that much gas to LNG terminals, and how these new demand epicenters are changing regional pipeline flows and charging up those involved in needed infrastructure expansions.

New-Era Gas Compression
Associated gas is inherent to record tight oil production. The Permian is likely to be the second largest basin for natural gas growth, with only the giant Marcellus/Utica leading it. Special reports look at how Apache Corp. engineered advanced compression and processing flexibility into its Alpine High plant to maximize multiphase processing economics. Guest authors also detail how small-scale plants can convert field gas into LNG to power rigs, frac fleets and gensets, while revealing the latest new-era engine/compressor packages.

Mid-Continent Profile
Oklahoma’s SCOOP and STACK resource plays are yielding per-well productivities and economics rivaling those from the Permian to the Powder River basins. It’s a busy Sooner State these days. The Mid-Continent Activity Profile delivers the best and brightest from the likes of Devon Energy, Newfield Exploration and a host of legacy operators. Reports also highlight how drilling and development projects in conventional reservoirs throughout the Mid-Continent are yielding big-time pay.

A&D Market Update
Concho Resources announced agreement to acquire RSP Permian for $9.5 billion could signal a new round of M&A activity. AOGR looks at how the combined assets position Concho for the future. And what do A&D deal makers have to say about their near-term expectations with activity on a solid upswing? There is more than enough private equity ready to roll for savvy producers/operators and technology startups.

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