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August 2019

While crude prices seemingly rise or fall with the dawn of every day and a new 24-hour headline cycle, AOGR’s readers continue to power on for the long haul! According to Spears & Associates, demand for completion equipment and services grew 23 percent in 2018 to $8.6 billion as increasingly longer horizontal laterals continued to spur growth in America’s prolific resource plays. Meanwhile, automation demand is destined to hit a similar throttle. It’s all about the quest for efficiency and the needs inherent to multiphase flows.


August 2019 AOGR


Hydraulic Fracturing Technology
U.S. proppant demand is approaching a whopping 120 million tons annually and should keep growing as hybrid fields are added to America’s mainstream resource plays. The August AOGR reveals how right-sizing well fracs can boost performance while lowering costs. Guest authors also showcase a successful Permian refrac program and provide updates on perforating systems for optimized shot geometries and the latest in high-performance pressure pumping equipment.

Horizontal Well Architecture
In August, Hess Corporation details how it is striving to maximize both initial production and long-term recovery rates by integrating multidisciplinary data to characterize fracturing performance and improve Bakken/Three Forks well spacing. Guest authors also analyze the impact of fracture communications between parent and child wells in the Midland Basin and demonstrate how operators are honing Eagle Ford reservoir development models.

Marcellus & Utica Update
The players leading the way in Marcellus and Utica fairways are upending global dry natural gas markets, while increased liquids production is jump-starting domestic petrochemical and other energy-dependent industries. It all dovetails with the hydraulic fracturing and well architecture reports, as operators reveal novel frac chemistries formulated to increase interactions between the reservoir rock and fluid system to boost stimulation intensity and production.

Production Automation
The value proposition of horizontal resource plays may start with the giant strides operators are making in extracting hydrocarbons from source rocks, but optimum artificial lift systems, production management and custody transfer measurement for multiphase flow regimes are taking it all to the bottom line. In AOGR’s August issue, experts reveal the latest in lift and vapor recovery, along with best-fit techniques to monitor and diagnose the performance of multiwell pad sites and production facilities to lengthen life cycles.


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