AOGR February 2021

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February 2021

While crunching supply and demand numbers to anticipate business conditions can be tedious, the exercise is becoming more encouraging by the day. A polar opposite to the energy demand destruction of 2020 is underway, as consumption trends higher and production capacity falls from anemic drilling and completion inactivity. According to the EIA, the January 2021 YTY depletion rates in the United States alone tally 2 million bbl/d of oil and 5 Bcf/d of natural gas. As if on cue, the agency reported the fifth straight weekly crude inventory draw and seventh straight weekly gas storage draw to start 2021. Commodity prices are responding, and experts agree that overcoming depletion requires a meaningful increase in activity.

February 2021 AOGR

Operations America
Operators continue to create value in the recovering business environment that is now underway. There is inspiration to be found at EOG Resources as its executive VP shares the inside story of the massive potential of its Dorado Field discovery in the heart of the Austin Chalk/Eagle Ford fairway. Yet another back-to-the-future success story is unfolding in the Barnett, where the shale revolution began. BKV’s COO explains how the company plans to boost production and recovery rates from its giant asset base. Input from TGS on capturing upside in data-rich legacy fields holds lessons for all resource plays. 

Capital Crew Change
While the industry may be dealing with a flight of capital, financing strategies are an indispensable component of the recovery in oil and gas activity. The February AOGR reveals how smart minds and capital teams with backbone are already finding ways to turn adversity into unparalleled opportunities thanks to creative reserve-based lending and private equity structures. With Raymond James seeing the potential for strong crude price growth and EBW Analytics warning of a potential near-term natural gas shortage, entrepreneurial management teams are partnering with opportunity-driven capital providers to create new win-win partnerships.

Permian Resource Science 
The world’s largest oil field, with some of the most extensive new infrastructure links to crude and natural gas markets, is certain to reveal hidden challenges and solutions as drilling and fracturing operations gain steam. The February issue presents new understandings of mitigation strategies to reduce interwell pressure interference and optimize fieldwide production and recovery rates, with insight on next-generation plug-and-perf systems and tracer diagnostics. Experts also reveal the latest in logistical solutions to supply chain bottlenecks, crude purchasing services, LACT technology, and processing techniques to optimize revenue streams.

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