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January 2019

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The #1 January Issue

It’s no surprise that the smart money is on America’s independent producers and operators in the year ahead. Recently crowned as the number one producer of oil and gas in the world, industry analysts now see the USA gaining even more momentum as the fastest-growing exporter of crude oil and LNG. AOGR holds independent operators’ attention every month, yet its editors, special correspondents, and many of the brightest minds in oil and gas place the January issue on a step above all others!

What do the market gyrations mean for U.S. producers’ business plans? The 2019 Activity Outlook special reports provide critical insights from AOGR’s exclusive Survey of Independent Operators, detailing respondents’ planned drilling campaigns while revealing how they may react to changes in the commodity price deck. Features also examine what the next wave of LNG export facilities means for gas demand, and how private equity is positioned to support independents’ growth strategies.

Extending resource play fairways and ramping up infill drilling programs is driving advancements on a number of fronts. Part 1of AOGR’s Series on Unconventional Resource Science details how Hess Corporation is using integrated microseismic, geomechanics, fracture modeling and reservoir simulation to assess the impact of parent well depletion on child well completions. Experts also detail how pressure-based fracture mapping is improving frac characterization and enabling customized treatment designs.

Integrated life-of-asset reservoir modeling for faster drilling, better completions and improved production performance is being adopted at lightning speed in unconventional resource plays, as well as onshore and offshore conventional fields. The production technology reports will show readers fail-proof safeguards for digital production workflows. They also look at IoT-enabled automation technologies for remote monitoring of assets, and survey new equipment to optimize full-field production.

Operators continue to increase recovery rates while driving down CAPEX and OPEX. AOGR’s “Tech Trends” reports feature the latest industry wizardry from some of the brightest minds in the business. A Midland Basin operator provides an inside look at a novel approach to maximizing well performance by “supercharging” the reservoir using simultaneous drilling, completion and production workflows. Guest authors also assess the cutting-edge in everything from extended-reach drilling and parent/child well interference, to digital twin solutions and oil field chemistry.

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