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April 2019

The sheer magnitude of America’s swing from captive oil and gas importer to self-reliant supplier to the world is astonishing. The United States is now producing at a clip of 12 MMbbl/d, a volume equal to imports only a decade ago! As a consequence, EIA projects the nation is on pace to become a net exporter of crude oil, natural gas and NGLs. April is all about the technologies enabling the transition, from accelerating drilling time-to-target capabilities to adopting techniques to ensure wellbore integrity and engineered well completions.


April 2019 AOGR

America: Energy Epicenter
The bounty of U.S. resource plays continues to reset global energy dynamics. Special reports chart how growing oil and gas output, along with the red, white and blue’s corresponding new role as an export powerhouse, are changing the long-term energy supply picture.  Experts also provide insights into Saudi Arabia’s strategic oil policy, always a critical factor with respect to market expectations, as well as key economic challenges facing OPEC’s leading member.

Drilling Technology
Improving well placement and completions in stacked resource plays requires a thorough understanding of petrophysical and geomechanical properties. In April, Hunt Oil Company details a case study of leveraging drill bit “petromechanics” to optimize well geometries and completion designs. Meanwhile, Trey Resources reveals how it is using advanced surface logging data acquired while drilling in the Permian’s Delaware Basin. The issue also features the latest innovations in drill bits, BHAs and fit-for-purpose drilling systems.

Gulf of Mexico Update
Domestic onshore operations and the capital markets mindset continue to shape offshore exploration and field development scenarios the world over. It is a win-win situation, with projects in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere coming into focus that leverage novel fast-track and parallel engineering techniques. The April AOGR details the latest geophysical imaging and engineering feats required to tackle subsalt structures, and shares insights about the elusive yet lucrative deepwater Pliocene play.

Independents’ Guide to OTC
It’s only fitting that a publication covering the industry’s current business trends, financial health and technical innovations in exploration, drilling, production and completions calls April’s issue a wrap with a special section devoted to providing America’s operators with the highlights of the 50th Anniversary Offshore Technology Conference. Special reports feature award-winning technologies on display, the comprehensive technical program, and all the special events on the schedule.


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