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November 2018

What happens when the International Energy Agency and the U.S. Energy Information Administration say both the global oil and domestic natural gas markets have “tightened up?” With oil inventories in OECD countries down more than 400 million barrels in a mere two years, and U.S. natural gas stocks dropping to their lowest seasonal level in more than a decade, the higher crude oil and natural gas price decks seen in recent weeks come as no surprise. And this with America’s independent producers increasing U.S. crude oil, natural gas and NGL output to record highs!


November 2018  AOGR


Computing & Data Analytics
Special reports look at how state-of-the-art digital solutions are interconnecting operations from the wellsite to the centralized processing facility using remote sensing, automation and new “wearable” technology. LLOG Exploration details why integrated reservoir models are key to optimizing the performance of its deepwater Who Dat development, while CNX Resources reveals how machine learning and artificial intelligence are paying big-time dividends in the structurally-complex Deep Dry Utica. Experts also present the latest in advanced geophysical technologies.

MWD/LWD & Formation Evaluation
HG Energy has successfully drilled a world-record 9,055 feet in a single day while staying 100 percent in zone in a Marcellus horizontal. November examines the suite of technologies that enabled the company to set drilling benchmarks with remote MWD, geosteering, bit customization, and wellbore strengthening fluids. Texas A&M University researchers also reveal how producers are combining production logs with fiber optic sensors, while technology experts present cutting-edge innovations in high-resolution borehole imaging.

Drilling Fluids & Completion Design
With horizontal wells achieving daily footage rates measured in thousands of feet in U.S. resource plays, AOGR examines new water- and oil-based chemistries formulated to help both onshore and offshore operators continue raising the bar on drilling performance while lowering cost per foot drilled. Laredo Petroleum and GTI also share observations from a high-tech R&D project in the Permian Wolfcamp play that is yielding invaluable insights into optimizing completion design, hydraulic fracture propagation, and completion fluid/proppant injectivity in unconventional formations.

Northeast Activity Profile
The Marcellus and Utica shale plays account for a whopping 40 percent of total U.S. natural gas production, compared to only 3 percent a decade ago. With storage inventories down, the domestic economy up, and LNG exports ramping, producers are pursuing an abundance of new markets. An overview of upstream activity throughout Appalachia from the best and brightest independent operators accompanies an update on why private equity is so keen on building midstream and transportation infrastructure in the Marcellus/Utica, as well as throughout America.

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