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July 2018

Does the content, bonus distribution and market timing of AOGR’s July issue guarantee a trifecta win for oil and gas service and supply companies? Absolutely! July covers the gamut of new exploration, drilling, completion and production technology as well as the strategic plans of America’s operators. Additional distribution begins at URTeC in July and runs through COGA’s Energy Summit in August. There is no better place to appear than with America’s independent operators in “their” publication.

Independents are out of the gate and neck-to-neck in unconventional resource plays while racing to redefine “conventional wisdom” about stacked pays. And The American Oil & Gas Reporter is where they get the information to run at speed!

July 2018 AOGR

Better Horizontal Wellbores
On the grand stage of the Horizontal Wellbore Construction series, Oxy details its comprehensive program to systematically optimize long-lateral well designs and drilling practices as part of a continual improvement process in the geologically complex Delaware Basin. Reports study strategies to mitigate parent/child interwell interference on horizontal pads as operators implement infill drilling programs, and present a case study of the stimulation effects revealed by applying integrated diagnostics in such prolific plays as the multibench Niobrara.

New Tech & Geophysics
Sophisticated multicomponent seismic and microseismic monitoring solutions to optimize hydraulic fracturing, along with state-of-the-art surveying systems for acquiring high-resolution data are true game changers in bustling onshore resource plays. The industry’s best and brightest explain how multivariate analytics, basin-scale modeling and machine learning are helping operators engineer high-integrity wellbores and improve recovery rates from legacy fields to megapads.

The Rockin’ Rocky Mountains
AOGR readers leading the recovery are rewriting the drilling and completion playbook in Niobrara/Codell and Bakken/Three Forks development projects. Regional heavy-hitters such as Anadarko, PDC Energy and Whiting have large-scale drilling programs under way in the D-J and Williston basins, but other hot spots are emerging with phenomenal growth potential from state-of-the-art well fracturing techniques. As a case in point, the July reports show how companies such as Anschutz Exploration are bringing in IPs in excess of 3,000 boe/d in such plays as Wyoming’s Green River and Powder River basins.

Putting Private Equity in Play
Private equity firms this year could surpass last year’s $12.4 billion in commitments to 73 U.S. oil and gas startups while participating in some $30 billion worth of upstream merger and acquisition deals. Analysts concur that if that much private equity is available as the recovery begins, it begs the question of just how big a role private equity may play as the momentum continues to build. Analysts estimate more than a trillion dollars is available to the right management teams and explain why private equity is being called on to finance all types of upstream projects.

New technology, produced-in-America crude oil and LNG exports kicking into higher gears, and an industry reborn with stronger-than-ever public companies and privately owned operators chomping at the bit! What can be smarter than advertising in the July AOGR!?

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