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March 2020

America’s steadfast independent operators are determined to make sure their second quarter is better than the first. Planning for the second half of the year begins today too, as executives and operations managers look forward to a brighter future with all hands on deck.
That’s why oil and gas professionals at every level stay tuned to the finest business and technical information in the industry. And it’s why service and supply companies need to market where it counts. Make it in the


March 2020 AOGR


Gas Production & Processing
Multiphase oil and gas production streams create challenges as well as opportunities. Integrated automation and control systems present producers and midstream players with new synergies, from water management to innovative processing solutions. The March issue looks at the latest technology to capture every molecule of the gas stream, such as modularized mobile systems that can transform 1 MMBtu of vented gas into 10,000 gallons of movable LNG.

Permian Basin Powerhouse
The who’s who of the legendary Permian Basin give it their best in the March issue, with insight on drilling, development and water sourcing strategies. Critically, they also share lessons on well spacing, lateral lengths and stage counts. High-capacity oil pipelines such as the Permian Express, Plains All-American Cactus II and Gray Oak are game-changers, as is the early arrival of the 2 Bcf/d Gulf Coast Express natural gas pipelines to transport Permian production to export markets.

Unconventional Resource Science
Monitoring a well’s “pulse” through sealed wellbore pressure measurements seems like science fiction, but it’s part of Devon Energy’s latest tool kit. March has the scoop on it, as well as new ceramic microproppants to open smaller secondary fractures. A special report also reveals the latest mechanical and chemical diverters to improve lateral stage performance during well fracturing. Mitigation of parent-child well interaction, better far-field results and increased output are among the results.

Field Power Generation
Leveraging wellhead gas to power well site, transportation and even treating and processing equipment eliminates diesel and electric costs. In addition, it can allow drilling and field development in areas with limited utility grid availability and capacity, reducing resistance to operations among all stakeholders where flaring/venting is the only other option. Gas-to-wire technology is among so many exciting technologies that are coming on!


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