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August 2021

As AOGR’s editors begin their final processing of material from another all-star cast of guest contributors, columnists and industry association directors, end-of-week leading indicators ahead of the August issue production finale are all upbeat. The July 23 domestic land rig count took another healthy hike, and frac spread counts continue their upward momentum. With WTI oil prices hovering in the $70-plus a barrel range, and NYMEX natural gas exceeding $4.00 per MMBtu, it’s an all-points bulletin for the stronger second half business levels that analysts have been predicting. It is also clear that the nation’s producers and operators will find AOGR’s August content in sync with their information needs.

August 2021 AOGR

Fracturing Tech
With DUC inventories drawing down, the experts at Primary Vision share their unique insights on the dynamics of the frac market and assess whether the industry is approaching capacity limitations. Guest authors also present field data on a revolutionary approach that uses wet sand straight from the mine to feed frac operations without drying, study game-changing results of frac plug milling in Delaware Basin extended laterals with hydraulic completion units, and survey advances in frac fleet equipment design.

Monitoring & Measurement
With technology driving innovations across the board in production automation and monitoring, operators have a wide array of hardware and software options available at various pricing points. August provides recommendations for how producers can add high-end capability at low-end cost to create new systems and augment legacy SCADA assets. Guest authors also detail the ins and outs of building efficient gas gathering systems, from wellhead equipment to the measurement and compressor components.

PBIOS & The Permian
All eyes are on the Permian Basin as business fundamentals continue to improve, and as final preparations get underway for the 2021 Permian Basin International Oil Show. PBIOS President Tommy Pipes and Executive Director Tony Fry preview the plans for this year’s event and provide their perspectives on the state of the Permian industry. Reports then shift to logistics, including solutions to ensure more efficient and safer trucking, and track drilling and well fracturing equipment and tools.

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