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February 2019

While the green light stays on in resource plays, lights are starting to flash offshore as well. The same ingenuity that has unconventional production hitting record highs and U.S. exports climbing has more offshore fast-track projects under way. In other news, while the smart money acknowledges infrastructure lost the race with production growth last year, analysts see a massive capacity build-out in 2019 changing the script. It’s all good in America’s industry as the year gets under way!


February 2019 AOGR


Unconventional Resource Science
Operators are stepping up full-field development in resource plays, applying suites of technology to raise maximize recovery rates. In February, Hess Corp. and the University of Texas detail a digital twin solution that accurately predicts drilling times for optimized rig and frac spread scheduling, while another special report details the latest completion techniques. The issue also looks at crowning achievements in processing, logistics and pipeline infrastructure additions.

Water Treatment & Recycling
Like never before, water sourcing and management are critical to the success of drilling, completion and production operations. The February issue delves into the latest strategies to enhance full life-cycle water management, including applying fit-for-purpose treatment systems to reuse produced water in hydraulic fracturing, and developing the next generation of cost-effective treatment technologies for brackish and produced waters.

Production Technology & IOR
With the latest production technology and improved oil recovery techniques, readers will learn about fail-proof strategies and safeguards for ensuring security in digital production workflows. Features also look at the newest “plug and play” automation technologies to enable low-cost, yet comprehensive remote monitoring of producing assets, and highlight a variety of new equipment and services designed to increase oil and gas volumes while lowering input costs.

Gulf of Mexico Operations
Mirroring onshore resource plays, offshore operators are making waves with modular equipment and right-sized systems. February reports reveal why revolutionary new technologies such as subsea chemical storage and injection are creating compelling economic, HS&E and operational benefits. Other reports examine how independents are leveraging focused exploration strategies and standardized development concepts to find and produce new fields.


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