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August 2020

With operators honing tactics and service and supply firms longing for recovery, 2H2020 is looking better by the day. OPEC did its job of cutting global production as promised, and shale producers had no choice but tolet depletion take its toll. The resulting balancing act taking place in global crude markets and the growing optimism surrounding domestic natural gas are truly providing welcome rays of sunshine.

August 2020 AOGR

Hydraulic Fracturing
The million-dollar question as shut-in production comes online is the pace at which operators start to monetize drilled but uncompleted inventory. Capital availability has the headlines, yet technology is the great equalizer. The August issue excels with information about advanced pressure mapping, full-cycle water management, and proppant logistics and perforating performance to get the most out of every wellbore and stage.

Haynesville Completions
Texas Railroad Commission data show Haynesville dry gas production in Texas already exceeding record 2019 levels. Rockcliff Energy is the standard bearer of that growth, setting new technology benchmarks, extending the boundaries of 
gas-rich bounty, and rewriting play economics. The August issue reveals how Rockcliff’s unique data-mining approach is guiding longer laterals with concentrated stage spacing to yield substantial production rate gains.

Marcellus & Utica Update
Success in the Appalachian Basin requires engineering finesse and a conducive business environment. Chief Oil & Gas shares its collaborative approach to mitigating parent-child interactions and frac hits as the company fully develops it acreage in the powerhouse Marcellus and Utica. Guest authors also survey pending court rulings and regulatory policies that could have material impacts on future upstream and midstream activity.

Production Automation
With today’s challenging operating economics, getting accurate measurements of production sales volumes has never been more important. Special reports look at an array of automated solutions available to improve multiphase measurement and production accounting from the wellhead to the custody transfer point, including IoT-enabled sensing and software, smart valve actuators and next-generation LACT systems.

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