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June 2019

The OTC put a giant exclamation mark on new and novel onshore and offshore technology!
From stronger metallurgy and composites, smarter automation, machine learning, and modular and fit-for-purpose drilling and production equipment, it’s game-on for more efficient operations.


June 2019 AOGR


Artificial Lift Technology
While high-volume lift capabilities of ESPs and the endurance and cost-efficiency of beam pumps are a given, the unique demands of deepwater and resource plays are inspiring both options and complementary technologies. For example, the June issue sheds light on when gas lift is the right solution for downhole and economic challenges, and delves into the roles that multiphase pumps are playing to boost offshore production and increase resource play recovery rates.

Permian Basin Activity
Regardless of whether an entity is operating in the vast Permian, everyone from the C-suite to their engineering and geoscientific teams is studying the action. The June AOGR presents the strategies and successful operations of leading Delaware and Midland basin projects, with guest authors analyzing drilling logistics, new motors and MWD systems. Industry experts also reveal new completion designs as well as methods to understand interwell interactions and optimize well fracturing operations.

Water Management
Resource availability has brought water management best practices to the forefront of America’s unconventional plays. From established recycling techniques and new technologies under way, the right water chemistry is vital to drilling fluid, well fracturing and completion processes. June reveals R&D in the works to clarify and desalinate produced/flowback water, and features a Q&A with several pioneering water treatment firms that have become crucial industry mainstays.

Offshore & Subsea Tech
As America’s independents astound the world with their success in oil and gas resource plays, the likes of Hess, LLOG, W&T and new notables such as Talos, Kosmos and EnVen are rewriting the offshore fast-track book that has transformed the offshore industry. The June AOGR examines how standardized engineering, modular equipment and streamlined work processes are slashing cost structures and compressing cycle times while revealing strides in the new mantra of offshore life cycle engineering.


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