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January 2018

So much is happening in America! From the buildout of petrochemical plants
the Marcellus/Utica, to the buildup of LNG export facilities, and all the
infrastructure being built to 
carry Permian crude to domestic and global markets,
it’s all good. 
From the vantage point of the editorial content for AOGR’s signature
January issue, we are fired up entering our 
60th year of service to the industry!

January 2018 Special

Outlook 2018
Markets are balancing in sync with continuing global demand growth. With OPEC coming to terms with America’s shale storehouse, the outlook reports combine bullish insights from renowned analysts and captains of capital. It gels with AOGR’s Annual Survey of Independents, which shows 90 percent of respondents planning to increase or maintain CAPEX spending, with a whopping 72 percent on the “spend more” side of the ledger. Rig efficiencies temporarily may have outrun the fracturing collective, but robust drilling permits simply add to the impetus for frac fleet new-builds.

Tech Trends
A new breed of “disruptive technologies” is revolutionizing reservoir recovery rates and overall field efficiencies. Guest authors show the value of artificial intelligence and analytics in guiding exploration and development decisions, demonstrate how field sensors and diagnostics are optimizing horizontal well performance, and reveal how state-of-the-art water management systems are helping operators lower costs and streamline logistics along with every aspect of pad wellsite economics.

Production Technology
Producers are combining predictive analytics, machine learning, and new digital operating frameworks to create powerful new possibilities in managing producing assets. Always in the limelight, Devon Energy shares newfound understandings of ESP performance in long-lateral Delaware Basin wells, and how it is leveraging remote monitoring of field assets. Features also survey a number of new technologies engineered with the common objective of optimizing full life cycle production.

Shale Resource Science
Operations managers know they can further improve wellbore integrity, perforating performance, proppant placement, and stage counts to boost EURs and extend fairways. January provides an all-inclusive look at a Permian operator’s integration of G&G, pattern recognition and multivariate statistical analysis to high-grade well locations. Leading operators also examine strides in stacked pay development using new pad architectures and completion designs to target multiple productive zones.

January additionally will be distributed at a number of producer/operator events, including the NAPE Summit, IPAA’s Private Capital Conference, the ALRDC / SWPSC, and the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference.

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