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February 2018

Friday’s U.S. rig count underscores the bright spots that exist with respect to increased onshore and offshore business potential. With brutal blasts of arctic air serving as a reminder that Mother Nature can add rapidly to ongoing natural gas demand growth, another significant weekly drawdown on domestic crude oil inventories put an exclamation point on knowledge that operators and capital providers are back in the sweet spot for both unconventional and conventional drilling and field development. It’s all looking good as 2018 gets under way.

February 2018 AOGR


Improved Oil Recovery
Developing unconventional formations has led to a corresponding increase in multiphase production streams containing oil, dry gas and gas liquids. AOGR’s special reports on production optimization present one operator’s approach to simplifying wellhead facilities in the Eagle Ford using multiphase compression technology, and detail the latest strategies for optimizing production facility design to maximize bottom-line economics in liquids-rich shale plays.

Advancing Shale Science, Part II
America’s shale play technology is changing the very fabric of the global industry. The bright minds on Parsley Energy’s Delaware Basin development team detail how they are integrating G&G and well data to geosteer long laterals with unprecedented precision, while engineers at Pioneer Natural Resources explain how they are adding distributed acoustic-sensing fiber optic capabilities to microseismic and 3-D vertical seismic profiling to enhance pad well spacing and horizontal well stacking in the Midland Basin.

Water Sourcing and Recycling
The industry has made giant strides in managing water resources at every step of drilling, completion and production operations. While companies from ConocoPhillips to Devon Energy and Newfield Exploration blaze new environmental stewardship trails and conduct more efficient well fracturing operations, they are maximizing the ability to use produced water and recycling flowback fluids to improve initial and long-term ultimate recovery rates. Proppant and water logistics are now integral to all operations.

Gulf of Mexico Technology
As in onshore horizontal wells, proppant performance is crucial for offshore wells with frac-pack completions. As the industry watches the administration’s plan to open the most offshore acreage in the nation’s history, the Gulf of Mexico is coming to life. Special reports include the inside scoop about how LLOG Exploration is using coated ceramic proppant with enhanced surface wettability properties for improved oil flow mobility, while alleviating proppant pack cleanup operations.

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