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September 2019

Faster penetration rates, advanced completions to minimize well interference, and better overall wellbore integrity are today’s mantras as operators deploy novel pad strategies and take lessons honed in the unconventional world into stacked-pay legacy plays. In September, AOGR rounds the bases so operators can learn the latest from mainstream technology providers and get fresh insights from companies bringing new mettle to market!


September 2019 AOGR


Tubulars Tech & Logistics
September features expert commentary on everything from new connections to supply logistics, as AOGR explores how steel and pipe manufacturers are responding to increasingly complex horizontal well designs and long-lateral casing running requirements with new products and logistical solutions. Reports also examine why the tables may turn as domestic mills expand capacity, and how advanced alloys and expandable liners are helping the industry overcome downhole challenges.

Horizontal Well Architecture
In today’s field operations, economic reservoir development depends on optimized wellbore spacing. Hess Corp. details its success with field trials that encompass microseismic monitoring, tracer diagnostics, pressure analysis and comprehensive geomodeling. Guest authors also reveal advanced pressure mapping for pinpoint analysis of fracture networks, and next-generation perforating technology for precise control of shot geometries to yield better proppant placement.

Fluid Imaging & Chemistry
Chemistry is fundamental to all well operations, from drilling to EOR, but is especially critical for improved stimulation. Technologists share insights gleaned from electromagnetic tracking of frac fluid movements through the reservoir volume, and explain how new nanofluids are enhancing completion and production results. Topping it off, AOGR surveys the “latest and greatest” friction reducers, polymers, diverters and other frac fluid chemicals and additives.

GOM Technology & LAGCOE
While resource play wheels continue to turn onshore, an engineering revival is taking place offshore as new subsea and topside engineering feats fast-track projects such as Shell’s Appomattox and Vito, Hess Corp.’s Stampede, and as companies including LLOG shrink timelines to first oil. Meanwhile, LAGCOE is opening its doors in New Orleans for the first time with an expanded agenda about onshore and offshore technology. It’s all in the September issue, another second-to-none publication.


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